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The OTS/ORCS Research Review is published annually to inform Society members and The Lung Association community about research funded by the Ontario Thoracic Society and the Ontario Respiratory Care Society. The Research Review e-newsletter features articles written by researchers from each society and is easily accessible to iPhone and Blackberry users.

Volume 12, 2015
OTS Researchers: Drs. Douglas Bradley, Roma Sehmi, Smita Pakhale
ORCS Researchers: Prisila Robles, Tanya Larson

Volume 11, 2014
OTS Researchers:   Dawn Bowdish, Andrea Gershon, Anne Ellis
ORCS Researchers:  Krista Keilty, Tania Janaudis-Ferreira, Laura Desveaux

Volume 10, 2013
OTS Researchers:   Sherri Katz, Teresa To, David Hwang
ORCS Researchers:  Louise Rose, Shelley Walkerley, Nicola Thomas

Volume 9, 2012
OTS Researchers: Warren Lee, Sanjay Mehta, David Hwang
ORCS Researchers: Sunita Mathur, Sandi Ellis, Lisa Wickerson

Volume 8, 2011
OTS Researchers: Richard Horner, John Granton, Marina Ulanova
ORCS Researchers: Marla Beauchamp, David Nicholas, Ann Bartlett

To view 2010's e-newletter or a PDF of a past issue (2004-2009) of OTS/ORCS Research Review, click on the volume number of the publication below:


Volume 7, 2010
OTS Researchers: Roger Goldstein, Andrew Leask, Stacy Ritz
ORCS Researchers: Margaret Fitch, Carole Madeley, Alison Hassall


Volume 6, 2009
OTS Researchers: James F. Lewis, Steve Iscoe, Parameswaran Nair
ORCS Researchers: Mika Nonoyama, Tom Overend and Cathy Anderson, Mary Ann Murray


Volume 5, 2008
OTS Researchers: Denis E. O'Donnell, Luke Janssen, Jane Batt
ORCS Researchers: Judy King, Barbara Gibson and Dina Brooks, Janet Madill


Volume 4, 2007
OTS Researchers: Anna Day, Mark Inman, Ruud Veldhuizen and Erica Martin
ORCS Researchers: Christina McMillan Boyles, Kim Szpiro, Marilyn Hyndman


Volume 3, 2006
OTS Researchers: Diane Lougheed, Chung-Wai Chow, Frederick E. Hargreave
ORCS Researchers: David Nicholas, Lisa Cicutto, Paula Burns


Volume 2, 2005
OTS Researchers: Margaret Herridge, Michael Fitzpatrick, Gerard Cox  
ORCS Researchers: Margaret I. Fitch, Loris Davis, Deborah Lucy


Volume 1, 2004
OTS Researchers: Ted Marras, Denis O'Donnell, Martin Stampfli, Sanjay Mehta
ORCS Researchers: Lynne Geddes, Pat Bailey, Alison Hassall, Souraya Sidani


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