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Ontario Respiratory Care Society


Educational Events 


Upcoming ORCS 2017 Seminars 


Check back here for upcoming seminars in your region. 




RespTrec© is a COPD and Asthma Training and Educator Program developed by The Lung Associations of Saskatchewan and Manitoba which is now offered in most provinces. There are modules for both Asthma and COPD to train health professionals as Respiratory Educators and to help them qualify to write the Certified Respiratory Educator (CRE) exam.

AsthmaTrec© consists of two modules: “Education” and “Asthma and Its Management”. COPDTrec© also consists of two modules: “Education” and “COPD and Its Management”. Because the Education module is common to both courses, it only has to be taken once. Each module consists of a pre-workshop home study package, a two-day workshop and a post-workshop assignment.

“COPD and Its Management” is a 2-day program for those who are current CAEs or have completed the 4-day AsthmaTrec program. Similarly, people who have already taken the 4-day COPDTrec program or are already COPD Educators can take a 2-day Asthma and Its Management program to qualify to write the CRE exam in early November.

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