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Respiratory Health Forum 2012

January 26th and 27th 2012


 We are pleased to report that 160 physicians and allied health professionals from  Family Health Teams/CHC/AHAC participated in the 2nd Annual Respiratory Health Forum 2012.

As you would expect, the outcome of the needs assessment survey was instrumental in the creation of a target-audience focused agenda.

The forum included the following:

  • Planned interaction between new and “seasoned” teams,
  • The presentation of three ‘model’ programs, (including one urban FHT, one rural FHT, and one CHC).
  • Facilitated presentations on Pediatric Asthma, Asthma versus COPD, WRA, Sleep Apnea/Asthma
  • Hands-on opportunities to learn about spirometry, Assessment Tools, and
  • Access to expert resources and other program tools.

Day 1. January 25th

How to start a Respiratory Health program


How to Get Started with Your Lung Health Program

  • Ana MacPherson – Provincial Coordinator, PCAP, OLA 
  • Download Presentation Here

Program "Models"

PCAP Site in a Community Health Centre 

PCAP Model in a Family Health Team

Pulmonary Rehab in a Family Health Team

Breakout Sessions

COPD vs. Asthma: Importance for Management

  • Dr. David Ross, MD, FRCPC
  • Download Presentation Here

Inhaler Technique/Assessment and Success Indicators

  • Ana M,  Pam W, Jessica S, Janice B, Kathleen M, Kathleen F & Janice M
  • Download Presentation Here

Spirometry 101 - Getting Started

  • Meridene H, Madonna F, Karen J, Laurie T, Janice W & Natalia U.
  • Download Presentation Here

Day 2. January 26th

How to enhance your existing program 


COPD Management in Primary Care

  • Dr. Eric Hentschel, MD, FRCPC
  • Download Presentation Here

COPD Management in the Sault: Improving Outcomes and Lessons Learned 

  • Jennifer Zufelt, CRE,  Group Health Centre, Sault Ste. Marie
  • Download Presentation Here

Breakout Sessions

Beyond Triggers: Work Related Asthma in the 21st Century

  • Dr. Michael Pysklywec, MD, MSc, CCFP(EM), FCBOM
  • Download Presentation Here

The A-Zzzz’s of Sleep Apnea - An update on the new guidelines

  • Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick , MD, RCPSC (Internal Medicine, Respirology)
  • Download Presentation Here

Taking Asthma Under Control - The Diagnosis and Management of Preschool Asthma

  • Dr. Sharon Dell, MD, BEng, FRCPC
  • Download Presentation Here

PCAP coordinators were directly involved in the planning and delivery of the model programs session, as well as the breakout sessions. 

As a take-away, participants received toolkits/resources they can use to either supplement a pre-existing respiratory health program or implement  a new one.




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