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Lung Cancer Summit 2014

Moving forward together

Hosted by the Ontario Lung Association, the 2014 Lung Cancer Summit brought together a select group of experts and leaders working in the field of respiratory health, oncology and thoracic surgery as well as other relevant stakeholders to start the dialogue needed to improve early detection and treatment of lung cancer in the province of Ontario.  The Summit provided the opportunity for professionals working with lung cancer patients to discuss existing challenges, and identify potential knowledge translation and other strategies that could be applied to improve early detection and treatment of lung cancer.


As part of the introduction process, Summit participants were asked to identify the single biggest challenge in delivering accurate, timely and high-quality care to patients with lung cancer. Five common themes emerged from their responses:

  1. Early diagnosis and lung cancer screening
  2. Patient and family support and education
  3. Lung cancer care and management, including care transitions
  4. Public awareness and social factors
  5. Policy issues

Click here to download our Lung Cancer Summit report PDF